7 Day Passing Course: The Complete Set: All 7 Days

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Just like me, you are ALL IN!

Day 1 -7 - the complete set and just like that, you are able to study the concepts we discussed in the emails but you're be that much more primed to download and absorb the techniques and footwork by watching rather than reading.

This project has had a huge effect on my own personal game, as the byproduct to creating this has helped me become more familiar with so many great players, their film, style of play and helping me understand where I can be better, solidifying my philosophy of passing.

We will cover so many great, great players - who have or are currently dominating at the highest level and I'm so excited to not just present you one style of passing but multiple: so you can choose your favorite player, become more familiar with their style and in turn, ball out just like them.

ALL IN! Let's get after it and build your own, individual path to greatness today.