7 Day Passing Course - Day 1: The Split Step

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Today is Day 1 of the 7 Day Passing Course and my goal is to not dictate your path to greatness but to share my experience with Team USA and studying the world’s best passers to help you craft your own unique style.

Today we will begin your path by focusing on the first step (literally) as we will develop your split step.The split step is a little hop that tennis players take to get a quick jump on receiving an incoming serve.

This is done by the athletes taking a little hop in the air, as they are anticipating the service coming towards them. With a properly timed split step, they have a quicker fist step in moving towards the direction of serve.

We will learn more about the Split Step and the different techniques that 5 of the best passers in the world are using at the moment.

(L) Erik Shoji (USA)

(L) Damian Wojtaszek (POL)

(L) Michael Ruchiak (POL)

(OH) Kevin Tillie (FRA)

(OH) Maurício Borges Silva (BRA)